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A Different Light USB includes Jimmy Stadler's newest album as well as bonus content. 


A Different Light (2020)

1. 2nd Time Around 

2. Cruzin'

3. Another Sun

4. Green

-Eyed Shooting Star

5. Birthdays Ain't So Bad

6. Tattoos and Toe Shoes

7. Mayflower Blvd. 

8. The Answer is


9. Super Ukelele 

10. Super Ability

11. Mother


New Man (2000)

1. Lady

2. Always Something New

3. It Never Stops There

4. New Man

5. Home Today

6. I Live For You

7. Southern Town

8. Another Summer

9. Girl Just Loves to Dance

10. The Night is Lonely

11. POP


Jimmy Stadler and the Colliders (Remasters of 1996 Recordings)

1. Forgiveness

2. Out of Round

3. El Niño

4. A Veiled Put Down

5. New Mexico 



Shipping expected end of December to beginning of January. Free domestic shipping included. 

A Different Light USB with Bonus Content

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