Every Wednesday solo @ Sabroso in Arroyo Seco...6:30pm,,,call 575-776-3333 for reservations

in the dining rooms or show up early for seating in the bar area where I perform. 

November 25th @ The Sagebrush Inn (Taos) with Chris and Rodney Arellano ...8pm

November 26th @ The Alley Cantina (Taos) with Stonedaddy...10pm

December 16th @ Gutters (Taos Bowling) with Stonedaddy ...7pm

December 17th @ the Alley Cantina with Stonedaddy...10pm

December 30th @ The Alley Cantina with Stonedaddy..10pm

February 3rd @ Bull-o-the-woods in Red River,NM  with Stonedaddy....8:15pm

All other shows are private house concerts and weddings for now. I am booking 2023 (into September already) for the Jimmy Stadler Band, Stonedaddy, Arellano Brothers, and solo shows. 575-770-7712