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2023 is Here!!

Greetings Everyone! 

   Well 2022 is over and I hope you are doing well. "A Different Light" is over a year old and thanks to everyone that purchased it. I hope to start a new recording project soon and I will certainly let you know what is happening then.

   I continue to play solo at Sabroso Restaurant (in Arroyo Seco) every Wednesday @ 6:30PM 575-776-3333.

    My band ( Jimmy Stadler Band) is performing in public and  for private events currently throughout the USA. Bookings are starting for spring and summer of 2023. 575-770-7712 for info.

    I am playing electric guitar occasionally in a new band called "Stone Daddy"! Classic and current Rock and Roll! Check my calendar of events for future shows.

    I am also performing with Chris and Rodney Arellano occasionally!

  My new USB flash drive is now available with seven albums on it! 

The Colliders

New Man

Tales From the Saint Bernard

Sagebrush Alley

What Makes Me Me

Home to Me and

A Different Light!

The cost is $55.00 and no shipping fees.


different light cover.png

Also included on the Special Edition USB:

Grungy Paper
Colliders Album Art-1.png
Grungy Paper
New Man Album Art-1.png
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