New Album Out Now! 

Greetings Everyone! 

I am so glad to announce my new recording project "A Different Light." I haven't had a new recording in over 10 years and am very proud to bring this to you after working on it for a bit over a year. I had time set backs with the pandemic and playing it safe, but my family and I are alive and healthy and have avoided the virus. In addition to “A Different Light” CD...Two CDs released in the late 1990s (Jimmy Stadler and the Colliders and Jimmy Stadler/New Man) and“A Different Light" are  available on a USB drive!

I love this collection of songs and I pray you do too. 

   The CD's and USBs are here! 1/14/21! I've sent out all the pre-orders and ready to take more! Thank you so much for your support.


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