2022 Rolling By!

Greetings Everyone! 

   Well 2022 is rolling along and I hope you are doing well. "A Different Light" is now a year old and thank you all of you that purchased it. I hope to start a new recording project this year and not wait another 10 !

   I continue to play solo at Sabroso Restaurant (in Arroyo Seco) every Wednesday .

    My band ( Jimmy Stadler Band) is performing in public and  for private events currently. I am playing electric guitar occasionally in a new band called "Stone Daddy"! Classic and current Rock and Roll!  

    Feel free to text or call me at 575-770-7712 for bookings.  

different light cover.png

Also included on the Special Edition USB:

Grungy Paper
Colliders Album Art-1.png
Grungy Paper
New Man Album Art-1.png


Grungy Paper
Home to Me 1_edited.jpg
Grungy Paper
Grungy Paper
What Makes Me Me 1_edited.jpg
Grungy Paper
Sagebrush 1_edited.jpg