New Album ! 

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Greetings Everyone! 

I am so glad to announce my new recording project "A Different Light." I haven't had a new recording in over 10 years and am very proud to bring this to you after working on it for a bit over a year. I had  set backs with the pandemic and playing it safe, but my family and I are alive and healthy and have avoided the virus.(thanks to being vaccinated) In addition to “A Different Light” CD...Two CDs released in the late 1990s (Jimmy Stadler and the Colliders & Jimmy Stadler/New Man) and “A Different Light" are all available on a USB drive together!

I love this collection of songs and I pray you do too. 


 Update 9/24/21

   I played a lot of shows this last year ...North Carolina...Florida...Dallas...California ...Colorado.. solo and with my band...Dave Toland-bass and vocals....Mark Clark Drums and Vocals. It's  been great to play in front of people again.

   We were voted #1 Band and I was voted #1 singer/songwriter again by the Taos News poll!

          The sales of Cd's and usb's are up!

   "Sagebrush Alley" "Home to Me" and "What Makes Me Me" are available right here on my homepage for digital download or by mail now.

   I'm booking into December now so if you have a gathering that you need me for it's never too soon.

   Take care everyone,



Also included on the Special Edition USB:

Grungy Paper
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Grungy Paper
New Man Album Art-1.png


Grungy Paper
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Grungy Paper
Grungy Paper
What Makes Me Me 1_edited.jpg
Grungy Paper
Sagebrush 1_edited.jpg